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Retractable screen doors are becoming more popular in the Chicago area as more home and condo owners become familiar with their advantages over conventional screen doors. When it comes to quality and features, Mirage is simply the best. Mirage Retractable Screens let cool breezes in right at your doorstep, and keeping flying insects and bugs out! They minimize the need for expensive air conditioning and maximize cross ventilation in your home. Mirage offers a natural cooling solution – a better ventilated home will not only cut energy bills but also will feel more comfortable.

No other vanishing screen on the market today operates as well as Mirage Retractable Screens. It’s reliable and virtually service call free with a limited lifetime warranty on all its parts except the screen mesh.

Custom Retractable Screens - Western Springs, IL  - Illinois Retractable Screens, Ltd

Here’s What Illinois Retractable Screens, Ltd. Can Offer:

  • Screen disappears into compact housing so as not to interfere with door functioning
  • Can be made to fit almost any door opening including sliding patio doors and French doors
  • Screen is hidden and invisible when not in use – offering unobstructed views unlike conventional stationary door screens
  • 41 colors to match your home – powder coated finishes for UV resistance
  • Superior engineering provides ease of operation and low maintenance
  • Quality installation by trained installers

As an authorized Mirage Screen Dealer, Illinois Retractable Screens has trained installers to ensure quality finished product and a quality installation that offers years of enjoyment with minimum attention.

Standard Features:

Adjustable Spring Tension
Super Magnet – a corrosion and rust resistant, secure latch system ideal for coastal areas.
Newly Designed Rollertube for smoother operation.
Deep Track to prevent screen blowout
Decorative decal design options for mesh visibility

Optional Features:

Thermal reinforced screen edges for added tear protection
Super Screen—ideal where pets are present
Bumper Stripping – protects small fingers from being accidentally pinched
Loop lock – locks single or French/double doors
Slide Bolt to hold inactive side of a French/double door in place

You can be confident with Illinois Retractable Screens, Ltd! Contact owner A.J. Parrino today
at 708-246-2525 and we’ll give you trouble-free service and enjoyment with our retractable screens selection.

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Illinois Retractable Screens, Ltd.

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